Trooper and Me #3

Pics taken on Sat 24th of Mar 2001 (a dull, grey day)
(grabbed off Sony DCR-TRV520E)

Again at Ponyland, Christmas Hills (Victoria, Australia)
This was my third day with Trooper
There are barrels out in the
cross-country paddock ...
so I decided to let Troop have
a go ...
Not too bad for a first try
And here's my friend Kate
on Rael - looking okay too
Maybe a bit early here
Now down to the tyres ...
Good boy! You did well ...
How about another go ...
Over we go, Troop!
About this time, Kate
and Rael came out of the
trees ...
and had a go as well
Then we both headed up for
the tree clump
Hey, Kate - you're right
This is fun!
WOW ... !
Yay, Troop ... go, boy!
And one more, okay!
This is down towards
the river now ...
for a cupla jumps over
the pole.
Okay Troop - let's head
back up the hill ...
Do you wanna run?
Yeh - course you do!
Hey Troop - wanna have one
more go over the barrels?
Good boy!
Now let's try this little
double thingee ...
Now, where's Kate ...
Ah, there she is over there
Let's have one more, Troop
Starting to sweat a bit now
are you, troop? Ah well,
home soon.
And here comes Kate now
Ooops - bit early again
Now back through the trees
and over some logs
Hey, Kate - watch your head
in there!
Okay - dunno about Rael, Kate -
but Troop is really sweating
A slow walk home, hmmm ...?
But maybe try some style
on the way ...
C'mon boy, the river's dry ...
And up the hill home we go.

Then, from two months later, some pics from early May 2001

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