Trooper and Me #4

Pics taken early May 2001 (another dull, grey day)
(grabbed off Sony DCR-TRV520E)

Again at Ponyland, Christmas Hills (Victoria, Australia)
Troop and Rael waiting at the hitchin' post
Me and Troop' just chonkin' along.
Troop was getting fitter now ...
Now it's out to the cross-
country paddock
Here goes Kate with Rael
(or should that be Rael
with Kate?)
Another go ...
Come on, together this time ...
And down to the tyres ...
And Kate has a go too
Another go for Troop ...
And another go for Rael and Kate
Hey, Troop - what's wrong?
Don't you trust us?
Troop didn't like this one
to begin with ...
but he got the hang of it ...
after a few goes ...
... and a few more (puff)
Then we tried the barrels ...
hadn't been over these for a
few weeks either ...
but Troop did 'em rather well
Oh well, time to head home again ...
(Come on, Kate)
A last muck around in the arena
then head back around
for a clean up and ...
Of course, while Kate and I were riding,
guess what our brothers were doing ...
Horses really bore them -
they prefer absailing.
Here goes my brother (Andy)
over the edge. I'm tricking
you, of course - these shots are
from up at the Grampians a month
earlier (April).
But it is my brother Andy :-)

Then, from a cupla months later, some pics from Sat July 15, 2001

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