Trooper and Me #2

Pics taken on Sat 24th of Feb 2001 (on a hot day!)
(Scanned off some Kodak chuck-away-camera prints)

Again at Ponyland, Christmas Hills (Victoria, Australia)
This was my trial day with Trooper (fingers crossed)
Hee-e-eey, giddaaaaay, Rosie! Any of those sandwiches for lil ol' Troop, hmmm ...?
Troop - we all love you, but you've had stacks of carrots, okay? Now we have to eat
Okay, Rosie - maybe I'll try your Dad. Hey - listen, man - got anything for a starving old horse?
Trooper - just behave yourself. I control the carrots - now, gimme that shoe so I can clean it out.
Oh, alright Troop ... have a nice carrot end and just be quiet, will you?
Ge-e-e-e-ee, those carrots are great. Wonder where I can find some more ...
Okay, Troop - now ... smile. (Arrrrr - damn this back-light)
Look at those greedy humans having their lunches ... nothing for a starving old nag like me. Phhthprrr ...
Now, here we are in the arena - okay, Troop? Are we ready to try a few things?
Okay, let's go ... hey, Troop - slow down a bit on those corners, will you!
Ah, that's better - now you just pace it out nicely for a bit.
Phew, they're getting hot, Kate! What about Rael?
Well, let's have a rest for a few minutes ...

And from Sat Mar 24th, 2001 - some more pics

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