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Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 06:40:18 +1000
To: Tony at Bluehaze 
Subject: Re: Did those discs arrive okay?

Hi Tony,
I picked up the package on the way home from work yesterday afternoon, and
D---- and I listened to the cds last night. We are over the moon with the
results. So crystal clear without any vinyl noise whatsoever. You have done
a wonderful job Tony, and we admire your skill and technical knowledge.
Thanks so much, we are just so appreciative. I will be sending some more lps
in the not too distant future.
Thanks again, you're a marvel.
  J--- & D----

Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 17:03:41 +1000 To: Tony at Bluehaze Subject: CDs Dear Tony, Received the LPs and CDs today - thank you for a great job. I'm very impressed. The sound is terrific - even the old Delgado LP is good. Its great to have them on CD and I know my father in law will love his. I haven't had time to play through them all yet - I picked out bits - and am looking forward to hearing them in full. I will also have to go through my LPs and see if I can get some more done! Thanks once again for a great service. I'll be in touch Regards R-----

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 17:59:12 +1100 To: Tony at Bluehaze Subject: RE: CDs on the way Hi Tony, Just a quick email to thank you again for the CD's. I've just had a chance to listen to the birthday record - UNBELIEVABLE!! The sound quality is excellent. Regards M----

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 01:27:12 +1100 (EST) Subject: Re: Timings/quote > No, they are all quite good! I'm really happy with them all. I am just not > sure about the second track of the Tina song (Dreamer). It's just the > beginning that worries me a little. But I'll talk to you about it when I > bring the italian LP in. > > I haven't listened to all the CDs yet, but from what I've heard they are > quite superb. They sound is really quite good. > > Thanks Tony. I'll be in touch for the other one soon. > > R----- You've got good ears, R---- Dreamer was one of the slightly problematical tracks 'cos it begins with a a few clicks and crackles. I re-copied it and attacked with the editor (CoolEdit). Tina's "aaaaaaaaa-a-a-a" about 10 secs in had some "thunks" in it, and there are now some slight digital artifacts after my attempts at fixing those, I'm afraid. <.........>

Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 19:23:38 +1000 To: Tony at Bluehaze Subject: Re: LP to CD Transfer Hi Tony, I apologise for the delay in letting you know just how pleased John and I are with the transfers to cd. We took the discs away with us, and were able to listen to them at our leisure. We breed and show Dalmatians, and a couple of our dogs were being exhibited in San Remo, so we took the opportunity to get away for a while. It is just amazing how you manage to get rid of all the surface noise Tony, I think that the finished product is like taking a time machine back to the 50s and 60s and being present at the original recording of each album. You should start a spot on your site where people like us can say how happy we are with your work. The Salli Terri recordings are just so exciting to listen to, and even the EP Sea Chanties is just wondrous work. The black cd plays on all of our gear. We have experienced no problems at all with any of the discs. J--- is particularly taken with his Randy Edelman discs, and the quality of the copying on the rare Danny O'keefe album. You create magic Tony, and we are just so appreciative. We know just how much time and care you take on these digital cleanups, and virtual re mastering of the old albums we have sent you. We are deeply in your debt Warmest regards D-----

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