The National Semiconductor Linear Applications Databook contains some interesting circuits for RIAA and microphone pre-amplifiers, especially AN 346 (which chiefly discusses applications for the LM833 low-noise dual op-amp).

The paragraph that mentioned moving coil cartridges particularly caught my eye though:

If you stop to think about it, cartridges which are typically -3db at somewhere between 40KHz and 70KHz (as per most Ortofon moving coil units) are indeed still going to give useful output at 150KHz. But I must admit that that having to design RIAA pre-amps to accomodate those sorts of frequencies (with no risk of internal clipping due to slew-rate limitations) is actually something that hadn't really occurred to me until I read this app note.

Then again, I've yet to go through the exercise of designing an RIAA pre-amp.

I must admit that this LM833 application note (and the data sheet ) from Nat Semi has me rather intrigued. In fact, together with the mic pre-amp circuits shown in AN346, the whole thing could provide the basis of a quite nice mixing desk. Hmmm ...

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