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Unix Stuff

Useful schemes and scripts for doing those all-important system backups. If you don't yet have an effective backup package, one or both of these may be useful. Method 1 needs a CD-R (or a tape) somewhere on the system or network. Method 2 (the older and by far the most comprehensive script) assumes access to a SCSI tape drive such as an Exabyte or a DAT.
1. CD-R Backup - Basic CD-R and DVD based backup and recovery system for unix/linux. Script, file-splitter program, etc.
2. TPIO - A more comprehensive script for tape-based backup and recovery - allows full or delta backups (and much more). Maintains a set of indexes on both tape and disc for quick and easy file and tape identification. Written around 1990 but still in intermittent use here and there ...
3. VIB - VI with backups. Creates backups of each file you edit before calling vi. Great for recovering from those ba-a-a-ad late night creative editing sessions (when you suddenly wish you'd stopped hacking 3 hours ago}:-)
4. hd - hex dump. Small program for dumping file contents in hexadecimal + ASCII. (After you upload it, rename it to plain hd - the .bin on the end is just to stop netscape from trying to display it as text).
5. What? An environment that's system independent? Yep - for those of you who are becoming just a little bored with each flavour of Unix (SGI, HP, SunOS, Solaris, Linux) each being so unique at the CLI level, use this setup to get a command-line environment that works consistently on all of them!
6. roll_web_logs - a wrapper for webalizer that allows it to be run in non-incremental mode without taking all day to do the resolving. (Assumes that you already know how to set up webalizer in its basic form.) The script also references a couple of control files in /etc/init.d. They're pretty standard, but if you want copies, just click here for my www and/or realmedia start/stop scripts.
7. Linux and Cygwin annoyances - This is a rambling "notes" file that I add to from time to time to help myself remember some of the more obscure tricks in getting Linux to run smoothly. This started off when I discovered after installing my first Linux that the Backspace and Delete keys on Linux are reversed by default. (Under X, it gets even worse - Backspace sends Delete (= 0x7F) and Delete sends an Esc)
8. Windoze annoyances - As above, but for Windoze. Started this file on Dec 14, 2005 after suffering from two perplexing faults in the same week.

Windoze/DOS Stuff

Audio processing
1. LEVEL - a non-realtime audio peak-limiting program for precise dynamic audio levelling. Currently processes WAV files only. Command-line driven.

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