backup version 4.31: Create a cpio-format backup archive of a file system
and break it into chunks which may then be burned onto CDs or DVDs.  A list of
directories and files to be excluded from the backup may optionally be supplied
via the file bex (also see -B below).

-h:     Print this (help)
Backing up:
-d dir: Do backup of directory dir (default is to backup from root).
-n N:   Only include files modified within the last N days (make a delta).
-s N:   Set chunk size to suit DVD where N = 4.7, 8.54, 9.4 or 17.08.
        Requires kernel/file system large-file support and fsplit V.2.2+.
-g: (#) Compress archive with gzip (Lempel-Ziv coding).  Seems faster than -b.
-b: (#) Compress archive with bzip2 (Burrows-Wheeler-Huffman).
-D dir: Use 'dir' for backup working dir instead of /usr/local/backups default.
-B file (%): Use 'file' for your exclusions list instead of the (bex) default.
-r [file(s)]: (*) Full recovery from CD/DVD set [file] into current directory.
-t [file(s)]: (*) List archive contents into rlist (use -T for ls -l style).
-f: Force the recovery - overwrite existing files even if they're newer.
-p  (**): Only recover files or directories matching .
-v: Be a little more verbose during recovery.

 (#) gzip (-g) seems to work much faster than bzip2 (-b) on larger archives.
 (*) '-r/-t/-T file' tells backup to use file[set] in lieu of a CD/DVD set.
 (%) If  not a full pathname, assumed relative to backup working dir.

backup:       Do full backup (from / down)
backup -s4.7: As above, but set chunk size to suit 4.7 billion byte DVDs.
backup -n 31: Backup those files which are up to 31 days old (delta).
backup -d /home/fiona:  Backup the user dir /home/fiona.
backup -r -p 'pattern': Recover files and/or dirs matching 'pattern'.
(**) Different cpio program versions operate slightly differently re pattern
matching, but the following should work with all of them to (eg) extract the
usr/local/src tree:     backup -r -p 'usr*local*src*'

Copyright (c) 2001-2005 Bluehaze Solutions (
No charge for non-profit or non-commercial use.