Orbost to Nowa Nowa by Rail - 1989/1990
RT - The Movie

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Group 1 - short clips
1. Assembling the train onto the track. And believe me - the end with the two petrol engines on it isn't light.

12 seconds (1.8Mb - about 1 minute to load)

2. Starting the train ... noisy little critter. (See clip 10 for a longer version)

5 seconds (831k - about 30 seconds to load)

3. A quick run from Orbost towards Nowa Nowa. Ends with a shot of Rex going for the brakes via the 10K pot. (Clip 16 below also has some particularly high speed running near the end)

35 seconds (5.34Mb - about 3 minutes to load)

4. Finishing up with us clearing some earth fill from the track adjacent to a sawmill. Gee, we got fit on these trips ... (clip 13 has the longer version of this one)

8 seconds (1.3Mb - about one minute to load)

5. A trip over the (rather large) Stoney Creek tressle bridge. Best viewed in "full screen", even though this does expose the pixelation rather badly! (See clip 15 for the longer version. Clips 16 and 27 have some good bridge crossing shots too)

52 seconds (7.87Mb - about 4 minutes to load)

6. On the way home, with some mowing on the way through. (See clip 27 for the extended version)

32 seconds (4.96Mb - about 3 minutes to load)

And if you have the bandwidth and the patience, there are some longer clips below.

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NB: These clips are a bit more popular than Rex and I expected, so in October 2003 I went back and re-captured and re-processed the longer clips below to provide more precise editing and better video and audio quality (even including gamma correction in most cases). They should also look less 'blocky' when viewing full-screen (thanks to Tmpg-enc).

By the way - if you just want to see the best clip, number 16 below is probably it. For once the sun was shining, and it has some good high-speed running and tree-mowing later on. Especially nice in full-screen mode!

Group 2 - longer clips (updated October, 2003)
7. Heading north from the Snowy River Lodge, we almost made it all the way to Orbost station. Unfortunately, about half way there, we came across a fairly substantial mess of trees across the track cutting. So it was out with the hand saws.
1 min 42 secs (18Mb - about 10 mins to download)
8. Once the trees were cleared, we continued heading along the line toward the end and Orbost station. Unfortunately, just after we got over the final 1 km long tressle bridge, we discovered that a couple of feet of solid earth and rock fill had been dumped across the final section of track!
2 mins 53 secs (30Mb - about 17 mins to download)
9. With the track being thoroughly blocked within a half a kilometre of Orbost station, our only realistic choice (in the absence of a handy bulldozer) was to head slowly back along the long tressle bridge and return to our staging point at the Snowy motel (yes, we always bought return tickets).

2 mins 22 seconds (24Mb - about 13 mins to download)

10. Next day, November the 8th - starting the train just outside the Motel. First, Rex fires up the (smaller) exciter engine - this powers the field for the main generator and also charges the battery. Then the bigger engine is started, which drives the main generator - this delivers around 40 volts at up to 100 amps or so.
1 min 55 secs (20Mb - about 11 mins to download)
11. The first section of line from Orbost going south towards Nowa Nowa. In spite of their goggles, the kids riding in the little caboose copped a fair amount of chaff that was being thrown up by the engine as it raced through various bushes and small trees which were now growing through the track ballast.
2 mins 49 seconds (20Mb - about 11 mins to download)
12. We come across a snake who's discovered that the line is nice and warm!
27 seconds (5Mb - about 3 mins to download)
13. As we were about to pass another timber mill, we realise that one side of the track has disappeared under some dirt. So we clear the way and get going again, only to suffer some damage crossing a set of points a few hundred metres further along.
2 mins 16 seconds (23Mb - about 13 mins to download)
14. And an electrical break-down this time! Some of the electronics had been ripped apart by the larger bushes growing through the track, so the main generator field is now only being supplied by the old car battery. And that's now almost flat. Rex is forced to improvise a soldering iron to make the necessary repairs using some spare wire connected across the generator.
2 mins 27 seconds (25Mb - about 14 mins to download)
15. Our first trip across the most imposing Stoney Creek bridge. Unfortunately, it was a wet, dull day and this made it very difficult to get the right light levels out of a domestic camera.
57 seconds (10Mb - about 6 mins to download)
16. Further along, the sun had finally decided to show itself. On the way back and running late for lunch, we cross another bridge and then we really start to steam along. If you want a clip with some crazy flat-out high speed running and tree-ripping, this is it. Looks great on full-screen :-)
1 mins 24 seconds (14Mb - about 8 mins to download)
17. Anyway, then it was a quick trip to the main yard at Nowa Nowa. The yard is overgrown and we have to get out and push because the engine can't get traction with all the slime. But finally little Dino makes it over the (hybrid) bridge and into the Nowa Nowa caravan park.
2 mins 46 seconds (28Mb - about 16 mins to download)
18. The next morning we met some curious and friendly Nowa Nowa residents who gave us some of the history of the area, including the forestry industry and the train line. Part 1 of 2 ...
3 mins 22 seconds (35Mb - about 20 mins to download)
19. The second half of our chat with the friendly Nowa Nowa residents ...
3 mins 18 seconds (34Mb - about 19 mins to download)
20. It's 5 months later now (March 1990) as we return to Nowa Nowa to make the trip in the opposite direction. And not forgetting that this time, Rex turned up with his English girlfriend, Loraine (who even brought her own train-driver's cap). In spite of this excellent omen, our first trip heading north out of Nowa Nowa had some nasty surprises in store - as in "Hey, who stole our track?"
2 mins 13 seconds (23Mb - about 13 mins to download)
21. The following day, it was Nowa Nowa to Orbost or bust. But a few kilometres along the track, the smaller 2 stroke engine (which supplies field exitation current for the main generator) decided it had had enough and promptly stopped running. Rex had to pull its head off and clean its little valvies (and sparkey plug) before it finally stopped sulking ...
3 mins 49 seconds (39Mb - about 22 mins to download)
22. Finally, we make it back up to the Stoney Creek bridge, just in time for a picnic lunch. Although not before chatting to some curious onlookers ...
2 mins 21 secs (24Mb - about 13 mins to download)
23. Just after crossing another bridge, we run into a friendly and curious farmer by the name of Mick who wanders up to the line to see what's going on. He and Rex chat about the future of the line
2 mins 48 secs (19Mb - about 11 mins to download)
24. Rex gives farmer Mick (and one of his dogs) a ride across the bridge. At first the dog didn't want to come on Dino, but Mick insisted ...
2 mins 33 seconds (26Mb - about 15 mins to download)
25. Mick invites us to drop across and have a look through his farm. We started by wandering around one of his shearing sheds. Unfortunately, the camera lens had copped some slime earlier, so this clip and the next one are rather foggy ...
1 min 50 seconds (19Mb - about 11 mins to download)
26. Just before leaving, we had a look at the salmon ponds Mick was building. He gave the kids a ride on his bulldozer, and then gave us a quick demo of what he was doing to build the ponds. Just love that Caterpillar 'dozer ...

1 mins 22 seconds (14Mb - about 8 mins to download)

27. Having spent this unexpected amount of time with Mick, we decide to call it a day and head back to the caravan park at Nowa Nowa. This clip has a nice shot returning back over the bridge, and this is followed by some quick runs interspersed with shots of the general countryside before finally pulling back in to Nowa Nowa.

2 mins 53 seconds (30Mb - about 17 mins to download)

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