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General Interest
Big Brother is nearly here. The Microsoft/Intel plan for total world domination. Is this just another conspiracy theory? Well, afraid not - some elements are already built in to Micro$oft XP and more are coming.
Be afraid ... be very afraid.
TCPA / Palladium Frequently Asked Questions by Cambridge University's Ross Anderson . This paper unveils the Microsoft consortium's master plan. There will be ... mechanisms designed to delete pirated music under remote control (and) documents that a court (or a software company) has decided are offensive ... This may very easily be the end of free and/or low cost software. More ...
Ray Bradbury interview by Robert Couteau for Quantum - "The Romance of Places" Short but fascinating. Only one banner-ad (doubleclick) - not too painful.
ReelRadio - a radio broadcast archive site (US). Mainly "Top 40" programs from the late 1960s and 1970s as heard around the US of A - streamed via RealAudio. Interesting - couldn't believe some of the stuff they've managed to put up here! Typically transfers about 7Mb per hour of listening, so watch your download limits! No banner ads.
Meltrip (by Peter Parker) - Melbourne's integrated public transport page.
Victrip appears to have been designed more for the convenience of the transport operators than the needs of the passengers ...
Meltrip is the improved alternative and as of Jan 2003, it's now bigger and brighter than ever
University of Tennessee astronomy pages. Plenty of hard, real data in written and pictorial form. Excellent educational and general interest resource, and plenty of useful links to other sites. No banner ads.
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Obviously the place for space exploration info. One of the earliest web sites in the world to be established, NASA have long been an excellent source of information and pictures re the exploration of our universe. No banner ads.
CSIRO - Australia's premier publically and commercially funded scientific research organisation. Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. Great source of information for general science, technology and engineering. No banner ads.
Technical - Radio
Frequencies for all known Victorian (Oz) broadcast FM stations. In November 2003, I needed a concise list of these, but on checking the ACA site, I could only get a 20 page document covering all stations in Australia. So I filtered them down to this list. List of all FM broadcast stations, locations, and frequencies in Victoria, Oz. Go the ACA site for the fullest and most up-to-date info.
VK3YE - Peter Parker's Australian Amateur Radio pages. Technical projects, ideas, articles, opinions, photographs, links ... you name it, it's all happening here. Build a Morse Code key practice oscillator out of a mouse; convert your car radio to a 144MHz receiver; build a double sideband QRP rig, and lots more. Plus Peter's politically incorrect opionions ... all great reading.
VKASE - The Stu's Amateur Radio pages. Centered around a series of "most unfortunate" Amateur Radio transmissions that have been occurring in Melbourne (Australia) since the 1970's A small insight into a small group of Radio Hams in Melbourne who (since the 1970's) have conducted rambling and inane conversations until the early hours of the morning via complex multiplex radio connections that even the Oz Govt Radio Authorities have yet to figure out.
Technical (computer hardware)
Tom's Hardware Guide - good source of technical info for those important times when you need to make up a spec for a new or upgraded PC. Fairly technical, but has useful comparison guides if you're patient enough to track them down. An invaluable independent technical resource since 1996. However, since some high-flying Internet types got their hands on Tom Pabst and his site around 1998, you need to be prepared for long waits on every page as your next 2K chunk (typically 1 or 2 small paragraphs) loads down buried in about 140K of surrounding advertising rubbish.
Technical (computer software)
Paul Collins' excellent Windows cleanup resource. If your PC is now running slow and/or taking ages to boot, Paul's site is well worth bookmarking. Your PC is probably capable of running much faster and more smoothly than you ever realised! In Windows 95/98, typing Ctrl-Alt-Delete will open a window showing various background programs that are running. If there are more than 4 or 5 in the list, it's likely that some of them are just burning up your PCs precious horsepower for no useful purpose at all. Check through Paul's page for each one in your list and find out which ones can be killed off, and how.
Microsoft Windows Annoyances - reasonable source of self help for MS Windows, including interesting tips contributed by various people. Useful resource. Hint - print as many pages as you can and file them away in a folder somewhere - or buy the book. Your PC will very likely be dead at the very time you need the info.
Microsoft (the Evil Empire to so many of us) have been both a boon and a curse to PC users. But their Tech Support database can be very useful. If you're one of the unfortunate majority who use a Microsoft Operating System (Windows 95/98, NT, 2000, ME or XP) on your PC, then you'll often have reliability and performance problems. This site is a good source of help.
The AARNet mirror site (Oz only) - excellent source of Open Software. Similar to the old original ARCHIE archive sites of the late 1980s/early 1990s. Maintained by AARNet and the University of Queensland. Serious software (not games), usually in source form. Has most of the GNU packages and tons of other stuff. No banner ads.
The home of GNU software (GNU being a recursive acronym for `GNU's Not Unix'). Strict licensing conditions but free. The GNU site is the well-spring of much of the world's real open software. Portions of the massive GNU collection are often packaged with a small OS kernel written by Linus Torvold and called Linux.
The RFC (Request For Comment) editor's site. The quickest way of grabbing any RFC. RFCs are the system by which all Internet Protocol Standards are defined. So if it's an open (as opposed to proprietary) networking standard and you want to know how it works, this is where you'll find it.
Dr. Jonathan B. Postel - tributes. And with those tributes comes some fascinating history. Jon Postel established the IANA and for many years acted as RFC editor (see above). This page is a collection of tributes - and it also provides many interesting insights into the history of the Internet.
Graphics - Icons and backgrounds, Tools
Kool Graphyx - one of the McClure family's pages at geocities. Ton's of gifs. So many animated gifs that some machines will have trouble keeping up (and certainly slow to load if you're on a modem).
Music and Codecs
BladeEnc - a free MP3 encoder by Tord Jansson. Source or binaries available. Generates MP3 files from WAV, AIFF or RAW sound files. Available for most platforms, including Windows, Linux, BeOS, MacOS, UnixWare, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OS/2.
Nico's MIDI page - large collection of well scored MIDI instrumental music tracks available for download. Also a gateway into the MIDI ring. MIDI files are a "scored" format (sort of an e-sheet music) and your sound-card then creates the sound using a synthesiser or sound fonts. The ultimate in sound quality.
Interesting Home Pages|com|org - lotsa stuff on computer security, ADSL MODEMs, personal ravings, great links, and some very nice quality photographs taken with a couple of Nicon digital cameras on a variety of trips. I was doing a search one night for info on Alcatel ADSL modems and I typed the string "alcatel speed touch home" interface mtu into Google and this URL came out first. After reading the ADSL page, I started looking around the rest of the site (esp here) and ended up glued for ages - most interesting.

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