Trooper and Me #1

Pics taken from the 3rd of Feb 2001
(Frame-grabs off a 1985 Sony CCD8AF)

Pictures from PonyLand in Christmas Hills
A first sweet moment.

Hi, Trooper. Nice to
meet you!

Going off for our first trail ride!
Another angle ... hey, come on
Trooper - cheer up, boy!
Here's some shots from after
we got back. Just liking a
quiet moment
Just relaxing
Still relaxing
Being a good boy whilst
being washed!
Nice sponge under the chin!
Looking at something? Hmmm?

That's just my Dad with his
super old video camera!

Cute shot
Going off home after a long day

Then, from six months later, some pics from Sat Feb 24th, 2001

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