Trooper and Me #5

Pics taken Sunday July 15 2001 (and a bit of winter sunshine at long last!)
Scanned from paper prints off our old recently repaired 2nd-hand Pentax.
Film stock used was AGFA 100ASA.

Slight warning here - any thumbnails that you click on may be slow
to load down because the pics here are actually fairly big (and thus
slow to load) compared to my other pages.

Now with a couple of movie clips - see below!

Again at Ponyland, Christmas Hills (Victoria, Australia)
Bringing Troop out of his muddy paddock. Just look
at you, naughty Troop - been rolling in the mud again?
Kate wasn't so badly off - Rael had still had his blanket
on in the paddock. So he didn't need to roll himself a coat
to stay warm during the week!
Hey, Rael - just wait up a minute, I'm not quite ready ...
Me and Troop over at the yards, after spending half an hour
cleaning off the mud and stones. And we're almost ready to go.
This is just a nice sunny pic of our Troop. Isn't he pretty?
Anyway, at long last, we were heading off up the hill into
the cross-country paddock.
This is Kate and Rael and myself and Trooper at the top
of the hill just checking out the general scene ...
Then I noticed this pretty scene in the thicket nearby, and
I got my Dad to grab a shot. Aren't they just so cute?? Would
make a great poster for my wall!
Anyway, a few metres away was our little warm-up jump ...
And then it was down the hill and another warm-up -
over the tyres ...
... and then a few goes over the mini-ski jump. Trooper's
almost getting confident with this one at long last!
Then onto something a bit more challenging (we shot some of
these at 1/1000th of a second - if the sun was nice and bright)
That does a good job of freezing the action!
This is further down the hill at the river flats
(and a 25 sec MPEG clip if you wanna see it) ...
Kate and Rael had just as much fun down here too.
Back up the hill, and a bit of a breather for the horses.
Oh - here's the other MPEG clip (65 secs).
Just horsing around in a clump of a trees.
This one's biggish, 10Mb (at least 5 mins to load :-)
Kate, tired? (Nah - just giving Rael a bit of a hug :-)
Then we headed further out, into the forest. (Don't bother
clicking on this one - it's outa focus)
Now here's a ski-jump. Even the smaller one was a bit
of a challenge with no instructors around (and this one's
a bit outa focus too ... it was dark in the forest)
Then we headed off down the track (Kate taking a small detour)
... and up to the next hill and the clearing.
Err ... yup, this is us in the clearing - bit of a breather.
Tell you what, though - Troop was really sweating now.
Okay, have a rest, Troop!
At this stage, we'd been out for a cupla hours, and I
figured it was about time we headed back - Troop was gonna
need a good hose-down with all this sweat!
On the way along, we saw Brooke a cupla times too. Brooke
doesn't come to Christmas Hills much now - she rides somewhere
over near Williamstown instead. Just having a rave ...
Dad took this pic of her (maybe she'll see it one day)
Back at the cross-country paddock, and this is just a
li'l portrait shot of me and Troop ...
... and the same again for Kate and Rael.
This was Kate's last day leasing Rael for a while, and that
was a bit sad for us.
This is a bit of a portrait shot of Kate looking pensive
with the storm clouds brewing behind (you can even see
the 66,000 volt electricity wire that crosses the paddock)
Anyway, down the hill and over the creek and back up the
track we went - to the holding yards.
Cute little close-up of Kate and Rael here ...
Now, Rael - you just behave yourself, do you hear?
As I said earlier - Troop was really sweaty, so even
though it was a bit chilly, I had to give him a rinse.
Of course, I knew he wouldn't be impressed with that.
Rael was okay, so Kate wandered over to watch the fun
Troop was really good, but he still reckoned he wasn't gonna
wait to be dried, thank-you very much ...
Then Kate gave Rael some apples - and got really slobbered
over for her trouble ... YUCKY dripping hands ...
And that's where we leave this particular day. Time to say 'bye
Troop and 'bye Rael ... and thanks for another really fun day!

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