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Bluehaze Services

Bluehaze Solutions can provide custom software written to your specification (from glue to full applications), installation services for PC or Unix systems for home or business, and web hosting services.

Production languages commonly used include C, Perl, assembler, Javascript, SQL, Pascal, Unix/Linux shell-script (or even Fortran if the situation absolutely demands it). Application targets can be either realtime embedded or desktop/server systems (MS Windows or Unix/Linux on PC, Sun, HP etc), and either stand-alone or network distributed applications.

Bluehaze can also assist with the supply and installation of desktop and/or server PCs for the home or business environment. This can optionally include setting up your network configuration and getting your various systems connected to the Internet and each other in a safe, solid manner. Intermediate firewalls for securing existing systems from the ravages of the Internet can also be specified and/or supplied, set up and tested.

Past Projects

Creation of diagnostic software field tools to assist with the tuning and debugging of realtime embedded controllers.
General specification, purchase and installation of PCs for home or business
Creation of custom diagnostic and general software for PC (Windows/DOS) and Unix/Linux
Programming of real-time control systems, including the creation of custom software configuration and distribution infrastructure
Porting of various system production tools (assembler, linker) from legacy custom Assembler environments to C for Unix and PC.
Creation of a graphically-based simulators (Turbo Pascal) to enable prediction realtime system performance and allow economical testing for new algorithms
Creation of a project-control, budgeting and time-carding system via MS SQL database backend and web-browser (HTML+Javascript) based front end
Production of numerous Unix/Linux shell-scripts to improve server-system performance, automation and reporting
Creation of fully interactive remote-control systems to enable users to operate electron microscopes, tilt-and-pan video cameras, video switches, etc via a web-browser interface. Controlled via TCP sockets and serial ports over LAN and WAN. (Implemented via Perl across a combination of Sun and HP Unix and Windows PC systems)
Set up and maintainance of web server farms (Unix Apache and MS IIS) employing secure fire-walled reverse-proxying, virtual hosting, etc
Coding and supply of specialised audio processing software for Unix and PC (see Bluehaze Level page).
Production of short 6 minute (77 Mb) and 24 minutes (270 Mb) videos for a local government group seminar (not something we normally undertake :-) BTW, if you do want to look at these MPEG-1 files, I'd suggest you load them down to your own system and view them locally. The bandwidth out of Bluehaze via ADSL is currently only around 30 Kbytes/sec at best.

Incidentally, Microsoft's latest Internet Explorer browsers seem to have strange difficulty playing open-standard MPEG files such as these. The best way is probably just to use QuickTime or Media Player or something similar, and simply copy the link from here and paste it into the File/URL Open window of the player. (Or you can look at a nice Microsoft proprietary version in WMV format)

Secure Internet Connections for your home or business

If you have PCs at your home or business and you want them connected to the Internet with a high degree of security, we can discuss that with you too. Bluehaze itself runs a number of Microsoft Windows PCs on a local LAN (Local Area Network) with a low cost Linux system acting as a secure firewall and NAT (Network Address Translation) system. This provides the PCs with 24x7 access to the Internet in a safe and controlled manner.

Email Bluehaze with a brief description of your requirements.

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